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Contact Cirilo Gil at Cirilogil13@gmail.com or call (954)496-2911

Rick Crowder - President

Rick Crowder President of America’s International Investment Group, Help Americans Inc., Rent Busters USA, Brick Builders, and Vice President of America’s Realty Group serves as the President/CEO and has over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry. Through various Companies, Mr. Crowder has bought marketed and sold over $50 million in South Florida Real Estate since the beginning of 2000. He has owned multi-million dollar producing Real Estate, Mortgage and Title businesses dating back to the 90’s and currently serves on America’s Realty Group’s Board of Directors. Mr. Crowder also serves as Chairman for two International Petroleum Companies operating in the United States and the U.A.E. He is the Founder of Help Americans Inc. and the creator of this Business plan.

Cirilo Gil - Vice President

Cirilo Gil es el Vice Presidente de America's International Investment Group como tabien Vice Presidente de Help Americans Inc. El Sr. Gil es banquero de carrera. Anytes de venir a Los Estados Unidos el Sr. Gil trabajo en el banco Popularde la Republica Dominicana en su tierra natal. Mientras trabajo en el banco desarroyo largas y buenas relaciones con inversionistas internacionales los cuales seran partes de nuestra familia de inversionistas. Mr. Gil tiene Bienes Raices en la Republica Dominicana como tambien en los Estados Unidos. Es tambien el Presidente de Sobe Automotive Group y esta encargado de nuestro departamento de experiencia VIP.

Dante Hines - President America's Realty Group

Dante Hines President of America’s Realty Group serves on our board as our Real Estate Broker. Dante Hines has been a Real Estate Professional since 1984. He has extensive experience in finding and developing underdeveloped commercial real estate.

Pierre Plater - President NHL Mortgage

Pierre Plater President of NHL Mortgage serves on our board as our Mortgage Lender. Pierre is instrumental in our Down Payment Assistance Program for Renters in Florida and California and has commercial contacts for our projects once the rents are stable.

John Bown - Director of Information Technology

John has a degree in computer science. He went to work in IT design and management and was one of the first Certified Novell Engineers in the United States. He was a managing trainer for the US Navy in the late 80’s at Naval Facility San Diego teaching multi user programming. He developed and installed the quality assurance network for General Dynamics on the Phalanx Missile production plant and duplicated it, for management and redundancy, in Pomona California. He designed and built one of the first backbone networks in the central valley of California that grew to include San Jose, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York with peering connections to over 700 networks. He developed one of the first “POP in a box” systems resulting in the build of 47 US based ISP’s and 4 international. He pioneered the early internet peering and growth in the US and designed and built a data center in Jakarta, Indonesia for the original APJII group that is still run today as a new entity providing the internet access for the country of Indonesia. In the late 90’s he became heavily involved in the development and management of VOIP systems and implemented mutt-platform VOIP systems in the Dominican Republic, Mexico City, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. By 2002 developed the 5th fastest network in the world rated by Board Watch magazine. As a design engineer he has specialized in the automation of management processes converting 100’s of companies’ manual processes into automated management systems. He has 28 years of entrepreneurial experience as an automation specialist and management consultant. He is a respected leader of creative teams and corporate communications with the ability to conceptualize and implement management campaigns that effectively reinforce and build brand, efficiency, and image across training, instruction, application design and deployment. He specializes in logistics management and time scheduling in an automated fashion

Bill Tyler - Corporate Accountant

Certified Tax Experts, Inc. ™ located at 2255 Glades Road Suite 324A in Boca Raton Florida and has been doing business in Florida since 1993. We are a full service accounting firm offering many different things for our clients. Some of those things include: 1. Bookkeeping/Accounting/Audit and Review 2. Individual Tax Returns/Financial Planning/Personal Budgets 3. Retirement Planning/Tax Strategies/Tax Planning 4. Corporate/Partnership/Estate and Trust Tax Returns 5. Payroll/Payroll Tax Returns/W-2’s 6. Real Estate Investor Instruments 7. Corporate Structure 8. Business Management 9. Independent Consulting Our Founder William Tyler is the author of “Living in Corporate America©” A unique approach in eliminating capital gains tax, utilizing dual corporate entities formed in the State of Nevada, a system that is currently in use by over 1500 people and growing and has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service. This is very lucrative to real estate investors and specifically tailored to each individual based on their personal need. Mr. Tyler received his Bachelors Degree from the University of Nebraska and his Masters in Taxation from Nova University. Mr. Tyler holds various licenses in a variety of financial settings. Mr. Tyler is a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Mr. Tyler is a regular guest Radio/Television and Webinars around the country and is a nationally recognized speaker. Mr. Tyler has appeared amongst a variety of other nationally recognized speakers around the country and has just been picked up to do some shows internationally. Mr. Tyler has come out with another system for those people whom are going into foreclosure and need help. His book titles Help! I’m Facing Foreclosure What are my options is his latest work of structuring system that allows real estate investors delete the 1099-C’s from their losses of investment property. Mr. Tyler resides in Florida and is 47 years of age.

Mario Camacho - Our Corporate Banker

Mario Camacho serves on Our Board as Our Corporate Banker. Mario has been in Banking for over 20 Years and through his experience and relationships gives us a competitive advantage when we are in a position to obtain long term bank financing as well as establishing relationships with Wealth Management at all the Banks that will bring value to Our Operation.

Ivan Ferguson - Director of Bahamas Investment Group

Ivan Ferguson was one of Our first people to Buy a Home through Our Florida Free Money Down Payment Assistance Program. Through time Ivan has established a strong working relationship with Members of the Board and brings a tremendous opportunity to tap into the Wealth in the Bahamas. Ivan has family contacts at the highest level of Government in the Bahamas which will be strategic in Our plan to buy Powell Cay and develop Fantasy Island in the future.

Gana Dinero Mientras Duermes

Esta oportunidad de Bienes Raices es como ninguna otra inversion. Es un prestamo que paga 10% de interes respaldado por los Bienes raices que compramos. Pagamos en efectivo por las propiedades que compramos para minimizar cualquier riesgo. Todas las ganacias son para pagar el capital mas interes del prestamo. No compartimos ganancias antes que el prestamo sea pago por completo.

Cuando el termino del prestamo sea completado, como regalo les obsequiaremos una membresia en forma de acciones en nuestra compania para que continue ganando ingresos residuales. Nosotros no vendemos nuestras partes de membresias o accciones al publico general.

Duplica tu dinero con el servicio que nosotros proveemos - Cada uno de nuestros socios prestamistas son proveidos con un Voucher de creditos valorado por el doble del monto del su prestamo. Nuestros socios prestamistas pueden uar estos Vouchers para hospedarse en uno de nuestras propiedades de AIR BNB y tambien para el alquiler de nuestros carros exoticos.

Gane interes alto y residual pr largo tiempo con solo $1,000

Nuestro Presidente

Si se sientes mas comodo habando con nuestro Presidente y saber mas detalles de nuestros programas solo tiene que abrir el calendario en la parte deracha de nuestra pagian y hacer una cita.

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